The journey from Galway to Readville
 Malachy Donohoe Family History

  This is a modern day look at some of the property that John and Bridget Donohoe owned and was later distributed to their children. How far the land extended beyond Buckingham Street and Chesterfield Street is still being researched.

From County Galway, Ireland to Readville, Massachusetts. The journey continues.

John Donohoe brought his family from County Galway, Ireland to New York City in April 1873 aboard the ship SS Parthia. His wife and daughters were among over one-thousand passengers to depart from Queenstown (modern day Cobh) to travel the high seas. The family settled in Readville, Massachusetts, a quiet hamlet named for Mr. James Read in 1847 and remained part of Dedham until 1867.

Until Readville and Hyde Park were annexed to become part of Boston in 1912, Readville was part of Norfolk County. This changes after being annexed, because both towns were now part of Suffolk County. The change in County authority adds some difficulty when you research the history of the family, particularly when dealing with property documents and wills/probate records.

There are many stories to tell about the years of the family growth from 1873 to the present and this website is dedicated to that purpose.

Feature Articles

feature 1 Wow - Buckingham Street has really grown. You have jogged my memory from the past about Donohoe Family and Buckingham Street, where I grew up until 1947. I was in the 7th grade at St. Anne' Grammar School when my parents moved from 17 Buckingham to 26 Wingate Road. 17 was vacant until the Daniel Donahoe estate was settled. Then, 17 became my mother's property, a long time to get the house her father promised to build for her when she got married.

feature 2 Reflections on growing up at 17 Buckingham Street 17 was built in the 1920s and my folks moved into 17 in June 1934. That was my home from when I was born, thru WWII, to sometime in 1947 when we moved to 26 Wingate Road.

feature 3 Hyde Park/Readville annexed by Suffolk County in 1912 In 1912, Hyde Park was annexed by Boston/Suffolk County from Norfolk County. This led to the publication of the 1912 Hyde Park property atlas and provides some useful information about the property owned by the Donohoe clan.

feature 4 The unraveling of property owned by John and Bridget Donohoe in Readville In 1894 Bridget Donohoe passed away from malaria and the Norfolk Probate Court placed property she owned to be distributed to her children. In 1915 when her husband, John Donohoe, passed away the Suffolk County Probate Court issued a final settlement of his estate and ordered the conveyance and sale of the property holdings on July 28, 1921.

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